For centuries the Japanese Cypress tree, known as Hinoki has been praised for its countless and precious uses. From building of ancient Japanese temples and shrines to its therapeutic aroma that helps to achieve a peaceful state of mind, sterilization and many other benefits.


Hinoki Lab is an innovative Japanese company, which has 14 year-experience in the field of distillation of Hinoki. We are dedicated and specialized in extracting Hinoki essential oils in 3 product lines: wood, leaf and branch, and leaf; in a large production capacity.


Hinoki Lab was found by Kazuko Kondo, who devoted herself for developing a tea from Hinoki leaves for protecting forests in 1985. 


Today our company produces essential oils, tea and consumer goods to encourage harmonious lifestyle while foster sustainable usage of Hinoki. Our leaves and timbers are from Maniwa city and Shinjo Village, in Okayama Japan, a prefecture very rich in Hinoki trees, where the essential oil is of an excellent quality. In 2003, Takahiro Kondo established our essential oil factory ( a steam distiller ) in the beautiful small vilage of Shinjo, with population of only about 950 people, where we are also devoted and caring about the local community and further increasing employment in the region. In 2017, Noriko Kondo strategically introduces our luxurious Hinoki aroma to the world.


We consider research and development as a heart of our business. We have conducted a joint research with Okayama University for assessing current hinoki products and further discovering the beauty and scientific understanding on hinoki and essences from other Japanese plants.


Hinoki Lab is aware of impact of our business on society and the environment. Through our production and activities, we seek for fostering sustainable development and bring positiveness in the community. Our heart of essential oil production is located in Shinjo Village, where we closely work with the local government to make difference.